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If you are affected by a friend or family member’s drug or alcohol use, come along for a cuppa and a chat.

Welcome to Rainbow Recovery

We believe that addiction is a family disease. The substance may only affect those addicted, but the addiction affects the entire family unit. ​

Scotland is becoming ACE Aware. ACE refers to Adverse Childhood Experiences. When children are exposed to adverse and stressful experiences, it can have a long-lasting impact on their ability to think, interact with others and on their learning. It is not a foregone conclusion that those with a higher ACE score will have a problematic adult life, but it identifies a need to build resilience in those who have. That’s why family recovery is just as important as recovery from the addiction itself, even if the addicted person doesn’t seek recovery, the family need to get support to allow them to build that resilience. ​

Scotland has just outlined it’s new Alcohol & Drugs Strategy entitled Rights, Respect and Recovery which recognises the valuable role that the family can have in recovery as well as identifying that addicts and families in equal measure, have the right to a life free of alcohol and drugs.